Black Tea - 5 Tea Sampler Box, Gift Set - Loose

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Black 5 Tea Sampler

A collection of loose leaf black teas from around the world. Sip the hearty, rich, flavor of teas from India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. These selections are wonderful on their own but a touch of milk and sugar will help to enhance the flavor.

  • Makes about 50 cups of tea.

Delight in the nuances of five distinct flavors, each thoughtfully chosen to offer a unique and satisfying experience with every cup.:

      • Creme de la Earl
      • Irish Breakfast
      • English Breakfast
      • Sherlock's Special
      • Daybreak Assam

      1. Creme de la Earl: Elevate your senses with the luxurious blend of Creme de la Earl. This classic black tea is infused with the velvety essence of vanilla, creating a smooth and indulgent cup that pays homage to the traditional Earl Grey with a delightful twist.

      2. Irish Breakfast: Awaken your taste buds with the robust and invigorating Irish Breakfast tea. This full-bodied blend boasts a hearty character, making it the perfect choice for those who appreciate a strong and energizing cup to kick-start their day.

      3. English Breakfast: Embrace the time-honored tradition of English Breakfast tea. Our carefully selected blend of black teas delivers a bold and malty flavor profile, ensuring a comforting and robust cup that pairs perfectly with breakfast or afternoon tea.

      4. Sherlock's Special: Unravel the mysteries of flavor with Sherlock's Special black tea. This intriguing blend combines select black teas with a touch of mystery, creating a distinctive and complex profile that captivates the palate and leaves you craving another sip.

      5. Daybreak Assam: Greet the day with the brisk and malty notes of Daybreak Assam. Sourced from the famed Assam region, this black tea offers a bold and invigorating cup, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a hearty and satisfying morning tea.

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            Black Tea - 5 Tea Sampler Box, Gift Set - Loose