SPRING TEAS | Top 7 | FRUITY AND FLORAL | Steep and Enjoy


7. Carrot Cake Rooibos Tea

Rich rooibos red tea to create a flavor akin to Carrot cake with vanilla frosting. Serve with a single teaspoon of sugar. As with all Rooibos tea our Rooibos tea is caffeine free and packed with a blast of antioxidants and other healthy minerals.

Carrot Cake Rooibos

6. Strawberry Green Tea Matcha

Matcha has 10X more health benefits than a cup of green tea because you consume the full leaf. This strawberry matcha flavor pairs perfectly with a nice oat milk or creamer served hot or cold.

Fruit Matcha

5. Tropical Paradise Black

Lay on the Beach with this tropical blend. It pairs the flavors of green, black tea with sweet tropical fruit flavors of mango, papaya, and a hint of strawberry it gives this tea a truly one-of-a-kind taste.Tropical Tea

4. Passion Fruit Rooibos

Sweet mangos, tropical fruits, and a bouquet of flower blossoms, this South African herbal tea envelops all the magic and wonder of the African safari. Loaded with more antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals than green tea, this naturally caffeine free tea is perfect to drink with dinner or before bed. For an extra refreshing drink, serve over ice.

Fruity Rooibos Tea

3. Flowery Jasmine Green

Delicate and fragrant jasmine blossoms harvested during their prime, in the spring season, are blended with green tea to create a smooth cup of tea that will calm your senses and bring a feeling of peace and tranquility to your body. Simple, naturally sweet, and light in flavor.Floral Green tea

2. Orange Cream Rooibos

    Creamy vanilla and sweet oranges come together in this delightful rooibos tea. Loaded with more antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals than green tea, this naturally caffeine free tea is perfect for relaxing and winding down for the day. Rooibos tea will not become bitter if left to oversteep, making it a great choice for a strong iced tea.

    Best Rooibos teas

    1. Pomegranate White

      Last and top of this list is a Pai Mu Tan white tea that produces a shimmering clear infusion with a mild peony flavor. This variety is lightly flavored with pomegranate fruit and is therefore a little sweet and fruity. If you are unsure about the flavor of plain white tea try this sweet pomegranate infusion to get a feel for it. White tea is prized for its low caffeine and high antioxidants. 

      Floral White Teas



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